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Although I had heard this before, I never thought I would experience it firsthand

Years ago, when I finished my MS, I was juggling to find a job/startup idea that could align with my interests. However, I was not even clear about that what interests me the most!

My M.phils degree, Total quality management, was good for my learnings, however, the kind of jobs I was being offered with this was not my piece of cake.

So I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated and wanted to see quick results in form of career excellence…  but with my efforts, it seemed like I was getting nowhere.

I felt down for a while, but then something amazing happened when I consciously started observing what kinda job description suits my personality type.  Out of many options, I felt very excited about digital marketing as I had my major in Marketing too and then I started my journey as a digital marketer by doing a lot of research and learning. I landed my first job proposal on Fiverr of 150$ and successfully delivered the tasks as a self-taught digital marketeer! 

To me, the most important thing in all of this scenario was that I actually enjoyed this field. 

Looking back on that day, I still remember the satisfaction that I felt when I finally found digital marketing as a way forward! 🚀

It’s been six years since then, but the memory of that moment still motivates me to keep pushing forward, no matter how difficult things may seem. Very excited to reveal that to date, I have almost $1.5M+ in ads spend experience which I have managed on different national and international brands leading to millions of revenues!

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